Thursday, February 18, 2016

Kanye West: Super Tool

I admit it,

When I first saw this on MSN yesterday, I honestly thought that it was a Clickbate article that I see all the time. Not this time around! Kanye West: AKA know as the Super Tool, is asking for some money. Now I am not going to go into his Music. I find it marginal at best. However I would like to address some things:

For starters, are you this bad with Money? Lets be real for a few moments. If you really did spend almost a Million Dollars for a Golden Bathroom, then you DON'T know how to manage your money. I am sure that there are plenty of places around Los Angeles that they will give you Cash for Gold. However I will let you slide(somewhat) on spending all of that cash on Kitchen Appliances. Those can get pricey!

Secondly, where is your Wife in this? Love her, or hate her, Kim Kardashian hit the Television Jackpot. No question about it and I know she has the cask. So why just "Spot him" the Money?

Thirdly, Who are you to go to Mark Zuklerburg to put the squeeze on him? I am even surprised that you had the Gaul to do it!

And we come to the Gofundme Page. I got huge issues with this because there are people who need it way, way more than you! As of me typing this, here is where it at so far:

You can see for yourself, 400 people are that stupid! Now some of them did it to Troll him and I understand that. However why even waste your time with him? At least match what you gave to a noble cause!

I know that we are Morally Bankrupt as a Society, but please for the Love of Smeg, don't do it for this Tool!


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