Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fred, The Don and the Post Office

You could be seeing less to these next year
As I watch 60 Minutes, I can look back on what went on this week and the first person I thought of was Fred Flintstone when he said “OWT OUT!” As everyone already know, Herman Can is out of the race, sort of. He has not actually quit, it is just was “suspended.” It come down to this. Mr. Cain had issues in his personal life and the heat got put on him. As of today, the other candidates are not doing much to go after the possible voters that Cain might already have other than Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul. As the Iowa Primaries just a month away and the Elections less than a year away. I honestly think that the republicans have any idea will be the nominee.

Donald Trump showed up in the news late in the week. He plans to host a upcoming debate. I would like to know how he is qualified to host a debate. I have more qualifications than he is. As mad that I have been about this, a side story has developed. In case you have not been following, Trump and Ron Paul has been a public spat over the whole thing. According to Politico, this is the statement from Trump about Paul “As I said in the past and will reiterate again, Ron Paul has a zero chance of winning either the nomination or the presidency." He also call Paul a “clown-like candidate."

I know that there are some people that like Mr. Trump and that is fine, however he sounds like he wants to still be the nominee for President, or worst trying to pick the person and not the citizens of this country.

Finally, the Post Office was in the news this weekend. There is supposed to be a statement Monday on what they are going to do to cut cost. Supposedly, they are not going to guarantee next day arrival of First Class Mail, close 250 processing centers, lay off upwards of 10,000 employees and raise rates. All of this is designed to save 22 billion dollars. If the Post Office (which is part of the government, but is set up to pay for itself), has been bleeding money for years, so this is not anything new. This is a perfect example of being to big for the services of the market. to stay in business, they have to cut cost. The question is will the American public let them.


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